This Privacy Policy applies to all non-public, online and offline, collected, stored, processed, transferred and used Personal Information of GFL’s customers, vendors, employees, agents, contractors and others who share their Personal Information with us. A copy of this Privacy Policy is located on GFL’s website at

General sources

There are several methods by which GFL collects Personal Information. We may collect Personal Information from individuals as voluntarily disclosed via our websites, in person, over the phone, through the postal mail service or electronic email.Where we collect Personal Information, we make clear the nature of the information and the specific purpose(s) for which it is used or may be used and we offer individuals the choice to opt-out of providing such information.


GFL collects and processes Personal Information about our customers in order to efficiently provide the services necessary for an entire supply chain, and other services that involve the transport and storage of goods.


GFL collects and processes Personal Information about any vendor we retain in order to ensure that we are able to contact our vendors when necessary and to ensure that CEVA’s standards of service/care are met.


GFL collects and processes Personal Information about its employees to carry out human resources management and to provide benefits for employees.


GFL may contract with other companies or individuals (“Third Party Service Providers”) to perform certain duties on our behalf concerning the collection and processing of Personal Information. In so doing, it may be necessary that we provide Third Party Service Providers with access to Personal Information. Our Third Party Service Providers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Information and are restricted from using the information for any other purpose than the purposes defined by GFL.